Ze Stanov Pionýra: Pionýr je demokratický, dobrovolný, samostatný a nezávislý spolek dětí, mládeže a dospělých. Předmětem hlavní činnosti Pionýra je veřejně prospěšná činnost.

Víte, že?

Naše výroční zprávy za roky 2011 a 2012 se dostaly mezi 50 nejúspěšnějších v žebříčku CZECH TOP 100.


Pionýr (Pioneer) is an organization for children and the youth. We focus on non-formal educational activities organized during leisure time (after school, the weekends or holidays). As an organization with a long tradition based on the Pioneer Movement, we are happy to have members of all ages from many different countries all over the world, searching and longing for knowledge and development. We are an association composed mostly of children and young people, but adult members are welcome too! No matter what background do people have (social, national, religious or political), joining Pionýr will change their lives in so many positive ways.

We create an environment for many individuals to form independent groups (affiliate organizations) which organize their own activities and structures – sections, teams, clubs, crews and other forms according to their interests and needs.

We use “playing” as the main educational tool in all aspects.

We are a voluntary and open society – we not only protect the interests of our members, but we also fight for interests and needs of other children. Our events are open to the general public (mostly children and the youth) to assure them they have a place to grow mature; we pursue edifying, educational and charity activities.

In all our activities, we emphasize diversity and versatility as a necessary part of the development of children and young people.

What is Pioneer striving for?

We are trying to fully engage our members and other participants of our events in team activities in relation to the abilities and possibilities of each person. In a form of “playing”, we want to show to a child and a young person everything they can use in adult age not only for themselves, but also for their close and distant surroundings.

We contribute to an education of a free, independent, fair, active, and fellow feeling people. By these activities and our own example and behavior we take part in the development of our little members’ personalities. We want to contribute to a society and act in eliminating criminality and other socially pathological features.

We create basic conditions that belong to our very important documents – “Convention of the Rights of the Child”, the “Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms”, and similar – are implemented in the minds of the people and that the formal regulations of these documents are not violated.

What is Pionýr aiming for?

We want to enhance this society, our country, and the whole world through the help of our members. We take part in the development of our civil society to become free, democratic and socially equal. To achieve this, we try to develop autonomous rules and democratic habits of our members in teams on all levels. In our educational projects, we present a secular, non-religious view of the events and the world around us. However, we teach to tolerate other views on the human development.

We work for the benefit of the villages, towns, regions and the whole state – we develop each of these levels to help the public with all our capabilities. We teach our members to be proud of their nationality and of their local customs and we help to create a valuable relationship amongst all people without any prejudice.

We wish to become a fully-fledged partner of the state, schools and other entities working for the benefits of children and youth people. We do not not strive to have a dominant position; we try to create relationships with similar associations and institutions for the mutual benefit.

The Ideals of a Pioneer

A true Pioneer (an adult or a child) – is a person who aims to live and act in accordance with the following values.




Friendship …are friendly and considerate, listen to others and are able to cooperate.

Help …help selflessly out of conviction, feel solidarity with others and stand up for the weak.

Learning …gain knowledge and skills, learn to know themselves and the world around them.

Memory …learn about the history of their own nation and the whole of mankind, respect traditions and history.

Nature …protect the life on Earth, explore the beauty of the nature and learn to live in harmony with it.

Overcoming …are not afraid of obstacles, are brave and do not succumb to convenience.

Truth …protect the truth, are just, fulfill a given word and play fair.